What’s ADLC?

Whether or not you have a local digital repository, African Digital Library Central (ADLC) is an easy-to-use platform in the cloud for African libraries and archives to help ensure 24/7 global access to your digital collections. Your institution retains it’s own branding and identity. ADLC also is the name of  the cooperative managing the service.

How does ADLC work?


View our video below (or on Youtube) to learn more. (Music: http://www.bensound.com)

What will it cost me?

Through it’s Collection Visibility Project ADLSN offered the hosting platform free of charge until 31 March 2015. After project ending ADLSN sustained ADLC and a new free of charge end date has been provisionally set for mid 2016.

Jointly the ADLC Cooperative will ensure financing the platform after this date.

How can I have my digital content hosted?

ADLC is an African initiative for African institutions. If your institution is on the continent and your situation fits one of the scenario’s in the video, contact us at adlc@info.adlsn or  by contacting one of the ADLSN Support Communities.

ADLC Cooperative: Who we are and how it is managed

Our Cooperative includes:

Our Cooperative sets the future course , defines the cost model and manages day-to-day operations and controls finances.