Cloud Cases

Along with fine-tuning ADLC Services and Pricing we also start seeking feedback on Cloud Practice generally.

Here therefore (February 2017 onwards) we pull together your experiences, stories, video messages on the matter – calling the result “Cloud Cases” coming from every day African practice. Format to be decided – maybe blog-style.

  • Soliciting feedback from the May 2017 2nd AfLIA Conference & 4th Africa Library Summit
  • Compiling feedback coming from the ADLSN Support Communities by way of the local coordinators; from Tanzania this impression: “the [cloud] idea is hardly accepted as most of the people want to have their physical machine in their premises”
  • Fretted the ADLSN LinkedIn Group platform.
  • Asked the cloud based and cloud focused ADLSN 2014 Addis Training workshop participants for their “cloud case” now that we are two years later – either sharing their story through a short video message or (on second thoughts) through a brief SWOT: what to their mind, at their libraries are the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat of the cloud option to manage e-services for their users.

Of-course you can also send in anything you have through adlc [at]

Some interesting literature proves to be the action policy paper “The Cloud over Africa” (PDF) – even though it primarily looks at setting up the cloud by businesses in African countries themselves whereas ADLC for the moment rents cloud servers abroad (Linode and Amazon AWS Europe). Many of the issues are the same though – like Internet connectivity and the “last mile” issue.