Documentation is being moved here from the (closed) ADLSN Intranet CVP project pages.

Expect documentation by the Technical Team how System Administration is done of the ADLC Ubuntu virtual servers running in the cloud at Amazon AWS, how Open Source digital repository software running on these servers is managed and how we do usage measurement. This information hopefully gives you an idea how things are done IT-wise and your ideas for improvement are very welcome at adlc [at] or through commenting this page!. The Tech Team know-how might also help you experiment with or start your own cloud hosting: if so, please share your experiences with the ADLC community here or more broadly through one of the ADLSN channels – like the email support list.

Also expect information on costs and financing.  External costs are straightforward: the monthly Amazon AWS bill. Here are November 2014 at 123 USD for two Ubuntu servers including necessary disk storage. And February 2015 at 176 USD for three servers with storage.