cloud-based environment for globally connecting African digital repository collections

Latest developments

November 2017: March 2018 information sharing here at ADLC.INFO will be ended after reassessing ADLC as a SAAS service. Instead in due course ADLSN will offer a cloud infrastructure IAAS service whenever the need arises within the ADLSN support communities- thereby shifting from driving demand to demand driven. Please contact on this new service.

May 2017: restarted the DSpace demonstrator collections at the occasion of the 2nd AfLIA Conference & 4th Africa Library Summit from 14 – 20th May  The cloud makes it easy to add servers for any time period needed (like renting a car or temporary housing) to your library IT infrastructure – for example for training purposes or show casing with a few collection items to illustrate budget planning to higher management. Equally easy is it to suspend a demonstrator collection – and stop paying rent for the server – and spin it up again when needed.

April 2017: spinning down the cloud server hosting the DSpace demonstrator collections. One of the outcomes of  the Collection Visibility Project and the proud result of ADLSN workshops, these collections demonstrated how easy it is to set up a digital repository in the cloud – keeping a library’s own branding but with instant 24/7 global access under a library’s own control and at low cost.

November – December 2016: ADLC to be (re)presented at the 2016 CERN – UNESCO School on Digital Libraries. ADLSN members from Zimbabwe and Kenya participating on behalf of their job positions at university libraries and IT departments also share their ADLC experience: pro’s and con’s of setting up your Koha, Greenstone or DSpace or any other FOSS in the cloud. ADLSN’s Administrative Board’s President joins to discuss ADLC services and costs as well spark further collaboration.  One of the School’s Local Organisers also is the ADLSN Country Coordinator for Ghana. To anyone attending: we would love to meet and talk on the ADLSN Support Network, ADLC and any other topic related to what is without doubt the shared ambition of realising locally managed global access (platform could be in the cloud) to locally produced digital content.

January 2016: ADLC Technical Manager is co-presenting an eIFL and IDS initiated webinar on “ to check whether your DSpace repository has been set up according to the current best practice and how to make adjustments if needed: upgrades, standardization of the installation and customization…”. His presentation covers cloud hosting a repository through ADLC.

June: ADLC Product and Technical Manager appointed

March:  work is underway to measure actual document downloads in both Greenstone 2 and DSpace.

At the system level we will shortly be moving Greenstone with it’s collections (as well as this website) to a new, more powerful virtual server type at Amazon AWS. In January 2015, DSpace with it’s ADLC Communities & Collections had moved to this new environment already.