cloud-based environment for globally connecting African digital repository collections

How ADLC started

Many African institutions have valuable digital collections but they do not have the infrastructure to support 24/7 online access.

African Digital Libraries Support Network (ADLSN) launched the 2013 – 2015 Collection Visibility Project (CVP) to address this challenge. Through CVP, ADLSN implemented a cloud-based hosting solution, African Digital Library Central (ADLC), to help institutions with limited IT resources make their digital collections globally visible and accessible. From early 2014 the platform provides seamless integration between the local institution’s website and the centrally-hosted content, which in turn allows local institution to retain their branding and identity.

ADLC has been implemented using a phased approach. Initially, there was a pilot for select institutions based on responses to a 2013 survey. A broader call for participants followed third quarter 2014, along with a Training Workshop organised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Participation in ADLC is free until project ending – formally March 2015. After this date an evaluation will be conducted along with defining and implementing a sustainable economic model for maintenance and continued growth.